I am so excited to welcome Linda from The Organic Kitchen to Rethink Simple today. Linda is a fabulous food blogger and has put together a wonderful warming recipe to share with you all! Please thank Linda by checking out her blog and giving her a ‘like’ on fb!

Hello! I am excited to be a guest blogger here at Rethink Simple. Today I am going to teach you to make one of my favorite fall meals, The Organic Kitchen Roasted Vegetable Soup. It is warm, hardy, filling and delicious! And it just so happens that it is dairy and gluten free.

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

We start with a variety of fresh fall vegetables, carrots, butternut squash, onion, sweet potato and zucchini.

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Working with butternut squash can be a challenge, but with the right tools it’s a snap! Use a ‘y’ peeler to peel squash and a very sharp knife to cut it. A dull  knife literally won’t cut it…

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Once vegetables are cut, drizzle with just enough olive oil so that vegetables are lightly coated. Sprinkle with sea salt and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper.

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Pop all the veggies in the oven except zucchini, we add that the last ten minutes of roasting.

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

This recipe calls for a roasted red pepper. You can use the kind in a jar or roast your own!  Simply place the pepper on top of a cooktop burner on medium heat. As the skin blackens use tongs to turn the pepper. Once all the skin is completely charred, remove from heat, place in a bowl and cover. Allow pepper to steam in it’s own heat for 10 minutes. Then use your fingers to peel the blackened skin off and cut out the seeds.

Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.

When all the vegetables are done roasting, separate into thirds.

Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Puree 1/3 of the vegetables with stock, canned tomatoes, and red bell pepper in a blender reserving the last third of vegetables. We chop those and add them to the blended soup.

Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.

Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.


The Recipe: Serves 8

You will need a blender, a rimmed baking sheet and parchment paper.


1 med sweet potato (orange or white), peeled and cubed

3 cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed

7 med carrots, peeled and cut into 3 inch pieces

1 medium yellow onion, cut in half then cut each half into six sections

2 large zucchini, diced (set aside)

1 can fire roasted tomatoes (14 oz)

½ a roasted red bell pepper (from a jar)

6 cups veggie or chicken broth, 2 cups reserved for thinning soup if necessary

Sea salt

Freshly ground pepper

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Olive Oil

3 T balsamic vinegar


Preheat oven to 400 degrees and place rack in upper third of oven.


Peel and cut fresh veggies. Place all vegetables (except zucchini) onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Drizzle vegetables with olive oil, toss. Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, toss again. Set timer for 40 minutes. When timer goes off, sprinkle the diced zucchini across the roasting veggies on cookie sheet. Roast for ten more minutes.


Remove veggies from oven. Leaving vegetables on cookie sheet use a spatula to divide veggies into three equal sections. Place 1/3 third of the veggies into a blender, add two cups broth, half the can of roasted tomatoes and half of one roasted red pepper. Blend till not quite smooth. Pour into stock pot. Repeat (excluding the red bell pepper) with another 1/3 of vegetables, tomatoes and broth. After blending second batch, add to pot. Place the last 1/3 of veggies on a cutting board and use a knife to dice. Add the diced vegetables to blended soup in the pot and heat till warm. If soup is too thick, use reserved broth to thin to desired consistency (a half cup at a time). Add Cayenne pepper and 2-3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, tasting after each addition. Salt and pepper to taste if needed, serve.


tok-july2012-150rs copyLinda Spiker is the owner and operator of The Organic Kitchen cooking school, author of two cookbooks and a food blogger. “I love food! And I love teaching people that cooking should be enjoyable, eating well doesn’t have to be time consuming and fresh is always better!”

Linda is also a wife, mother of six, grandmother to three and a yoga instructor. Please visit her website at www.theorganickitchen.org

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Absolutely Delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup.

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